Frosted window film installation on a doctors surgery.

Although our primary window film installations are energy saving, heat reduction and privacy we do also install frosted window film. A couple of weeks ago we installed frosted window film on a doctors surgery in between the waiting room and the staff office areas.

Our client wanted complete privacy without sacrificing too much natural light, so we recommended Frosted Grey window film for this installation. It offers total privacy but still allows lots of natural light in.

Below we will detail how we completed this window film installation from beginning to end.

Doctors surgery area prior to window film installation

The picture above shows the surgery area prior to any window film being installed. The picture is taken from the waiting room area looking in towards the reception area. The ladies that worked there required more privacy without sacrificing too much light. That made our Frosted Grey window film the perfect choice for their needs.

The installation.

The team got busy right away and in the picture below Lily can be seen working away on one of the panes.

Frosted window film being installed

You will notice how much natural light this window film still allows through. This is very important because if it was too dark it would make the entire area look miserable.

A good comparison.

Comparison of window film applied to half of windows

Here is a direct wide-by-side comparison. You can already see how this looks much nicer.

Close-up shot of window film installation on doctors surgery reception area

As said before the window film offers complete privacy but still allows lots of natural light through.

Close-up shot of main reception windows with frosted window film installed

Here is a close-up of the main two sliding window panels that are directly in front of where the doctors receptionist sits.

Wide shot showing entire doctors surgery with frosted window film applied

And in the picture above you can see how it looked when we had fully completed this frosted window film installation. It is a huge transformation and the entire area looks much more tidy.

Due to the tremendous work that the NHS does we currently have a special discount for all NHS workers of 10%. That includes their own private properties too.

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