Energy saving window film installation on a factory.

A couple of months ago we completed a large project where we installed Low-E (energy saving) window film to a factory in Churchdown, Gloucestershire.

Our client was looking at reducing his energy costs in the winter and asked us if there was a film with additional benefits. We advised him that our energy saving window film would be perfect because not only would the window film help to keep his energy bills down in the winter the film would also help to keep the factory cooler in the summer too.

Energy Saving Window Film Thermal Heat Loss

This window film works by reflecting heat that is usually lost through the windows back into the property in the winter, and in the summer it has the opposite effect, reflecting heat from the sun away from the property. This makes it a perfect “all year round” choice.

The installation.

Here we will take a look at the installation in more detail.

View from outside of factory showing window film being installed by team
Low E film being applied to main factory area
Low E film completed on a bank of windows

In the series of pictures above you can see the team inside the main part of the factory installing the Low E film to a bank of windows. There were six windows in each bank and there were five banks to complete.

We are flexible.

Our team are very flexible and go beyond the traditional “we can only do 9 to 5 mate”, so we worked well into the evening on this job, as can be seen in the pictures below.

Energy Saving Window Film being installed in the canteen area viewed from outside
Energy Saving Window Film being installed in the canteen inside view
Energy Saving Window Film installed in the canteen area
Energy Saving Window Film installed in the canteen area fully completed

We returned back the following day to complete the job. This is an external view of the side of the factory after all of the windows were completed on that particular side of the building.

Outside view of 3 banks of windows with energy saving window film installed

Added benefits.

You will also notice that this film offers a certain degree of privacy too. So it offers energy saving, heat reduction and privacy. This is why this is such a popular window film, it serves many purposes making it tremendous value for money.

If you are a business owner and might be interested in the benefits that window film can give then please feel free to contact us for a completely free no-obligation quote.

Inside view of Low E film installed to a bank of windows inside factory
External view of Low E film installed on front of factory