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Home Window Tinting

Home Window Tinting involves the application of advanced multi-layered films, generally to the inside the inside surface of existing residential windows.

Many homeowners will choose window tinting for aesthetic reasons and for added privacy because, depending on the type of film chosen, they can provide a darker tint to the glass. In a similar way to privacy glass on car windows, this darker shade looks stylish and can significantly restrict unwanted visibility from outside. This is particularly popular for homes with living areas and bedrooms on the ground floor and close to the property’s boundary.

It provides additional security from casual prying eyes, and also adds a degree of added protection and strength against forcible entry.

However, our specialist window films come into their own as a result of their specific properties: some are designed to reflect internal heat, reducing heat loss by up to 33% and improving the thermal efficiency of the property.

Others protect the interior of the property by reflecting external heat and the sun’s rays, helping to keep homes cooler during hot summers, and protecting us from the harmful effects of UVB radiation.

Our films carry a 6 to 10 year guarantee for material defects or premature ageing.

Different types of window films

Heat Reduction Film

We use this this film to reduce heat in summer. The film is most beneficial in conservatories but can be used anywhere where heat is an issue. These can are generally coloured with several options available. The film helps to reflect heat and also absorb heat to reduce the heat inside the house. 

The film’s aren’t active, i.e. air conditioning will lower the ambient temperature. These films reduce the amount of heat generated through the windows by up to 80% through reflecting and absorbing heat.

Energy Film

Like heat reduction films these offer a lower heat reflection and absorption in summer, however in the winter they reduce heat loss through windows by 22%-33% helping to retain heat you would normally use and saving money on energy bills.

At present they are only available in a silver finish.

Ultra-Violet Protection Film

All glass regardless of any additional finishes blocks UVA. We offer films that also block UVB. This is a popular choice for people who wish to avoid sun damage to furniture or expensive flooring for example.

As an added benefit it also protects people from UVB which is one of the primary causes of skin cancers.

Architectural Film

Generally we use this film internally as decorative film.

Commonly used on internal glass doors, glass balustrades, shower doors and so on. It is usually frosted in various shades/densities.

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