Why choose commercial window film?

This isn’t an easy time to be running a business. Energy costs are rising, inflation is the highest it’s been in decades and global supply chains are still disrupted from the COVID pandemic. It probably feels like installing window firm on your premises is the last thing you need to worry about right now. In fact it could make a huge difference to your business.

Energy prices.

I already mentioned high energy prices. One of the main uses of window film is to improve energy efficiency. Even if you have modern double glazing, your windows are still much less of a barrier to heat escaping than your walls – and for a shop or office building with a lot of glass area that can quickly get very expensive. In cold weather, a lot of the heat you generate by burning expensive energy just goes straight out through your windows. By installing heat-retaining window film you could reflect a lot of that heat back into your premises, making big savings on your heating bill.

Uncomfortable heat.

Of course some businesses have the opposite problem. If you have a lot of south-facing glass, on a summer day the interior can become unbearably hot – and air conditioning is more expensive to run than ever. By installing reflective window film you could reflect most of that heat as soon as it hits the glass, keeping the temperature down and saving you even more energy.

As a bonus, reflective window film can also give your staff and customers privacy in offices and prevent sunlight damaging furnishing, fittings and stock. It can even reduce opportunist crime – thieves are a lot less likely to smash a window and grab something if they can’t see what’s inside. As for professional thieves, they like to study their targets before striking so they can learn about the internal layout, where alarm sensors are installed and where high-value items are located. Reflective film can make it much harder for them to get that information, or even deny them it completely, and that’s likely to make them back off and look for an easier target.

Fancy a facelift?

How about making your premises look better without expensive building work? From outside, even at a distance, windows can look very different depending on what’s behind them. That can often make a building look less than its best. By applying reflective film to your windows you’ll give them a consistent appearance that can be a lot more attractive to potential customers. It also hides unattractive storerooms or busy offices.

Window film doesn’t seem like much of a building improvement; after all, isn’t it just the sort of sticky-backed plastic we all remember from watching Blue Peter? No, it isn’t. Modern reflective or energy-saving films are sophisticated products, made to an extremely high standard and laminated together from multiple layers of different, carefully chosen materials. Professionally installed, they can make your workplace more attractive, pleasant and comfortable – even, perhaps more secure. If you’d like to know more about what they can do for you, give us a call and talk to us about your business.

To see an example of our team in action please feel free to check out our recent blog post on some commercial window film that we installed to the new Selco builders warehouse that recently opened in Cheltenham.